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Best Apps for Beginners to learn coding in 2021

Enki coding app

Best coding applications for Beginners who are interested and want to grow their career in technology and IT. Learn programming languages and coding on your mobile device. Here is the list of best apps for beginners to learn code.


Sololearn best coding apps

SoloLearn is a unique learning platform that has the largest collection of development and coding courses. It has a very friendly UI to learn programs. It provides you with all the basic and pro-level programming languages. SoloLearn has the largest community of coders. It almost covers all the programming contents such as web development, java, python, C, C++, C#, and more. The application is free to use and available to download in both the play store and app store.


grasshoper apps to learn coding

Grasshopper is a free code learning application from Google. The app will be very useful for beginners who want to learn coding from a fresher start. It uses puzzles and problem-solving skills to learn the concepts of coding. It also has a feature where it will give you real-time feedback where it will guide you like a teacher.

Programming Hub

Programming apps best apps to learn coding

Programming Hub is a very popular coding and program learning application. You can easily learn as an expert. It includes more programming concepts such as C, C++, C#, Swift, HTML, Javascript, Python, Artificial Intelligence, R Programming, Java, and more. Further, it also includes programming courses, examples, compiler, and more.


Encode - best coding app-compressed

Encode is a code learning platform. The application is useful for everyone who wants to learn code from the scratch. It includes bite-sized lessons with real-time code samples. The coding concepts and interactiveness of the application are very clean. It includes coding such as HTML+, CSS, Python, JS, and more.


Mimo Best coding apps-compressed

Mimo: If you are interested in learning and want to create apps and websites. Mimo will be the best application to learn programming languages such as Python, Java, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Kotlin, C++, Swift, SQL, PHP, and more. All the concepts and coding lessons are from beginners’ level to advanced level. You will be able to learn and build websites and apps.


Enki coding app

Enki is an award-winning application to learn to code. It is very useful for the non-technical candidates to learn code from beginner to developer level. It uses all sorts of technical terms and concepts to easily make understand the programming concepts. It includes data science, TypeScript, Docker, HTML, Security, Git, SQL, Python, and most of the programming languages and technical concepts. The application is available to download in both the app store and the play store.

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