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Fake TikTok Trap: Don’t click on the download Link

Fake TikTok Trap Don't click on the download Link

Fake TikTok

TikTok has been recently banned in India. As it was collecting the personal data. On June 29, 2020, the Indian government removed and banned the TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps over security concerns. TikTok cannot be used in India and also it has been removed from the play store. While despite being banned there is a link known as the TikTok Pro app (Fake TickTok) that is surfacing on the Whatsapp.

When a user clicks on the link it downloads a fake application called TikTok Pro. After downloading and installing it will ask the permissions to access the camera, gallery, and mic. While some users might think it is a valid application but this malware can steal the user’s data.

The Indian government has already said that banned apps cannot be downloaded and accessed. Though the fake link is being shared through the WhatsApp making a concern to the innocent user’s data. Due to the ban, some are taking advantage of it to scam the user and steal their data. The Government has advised its citizens not to click on any unknown link that mentions any of the banned 59 Chinese apps. Also, the TikTok Pro is not only being shared in WhatsApp but also in other various social platforms. The external link leads to easily access the user’s data as it includes malware.

Maharastra cyber cell warned the people through their tweet saying “Citizens are requested to be aware of the new TikTok scam happening under the name of a malware app TikTok Pro”

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